Thank you Duncan for not being like all the others.

My husband is super picky when it comes to buying a car. He has a price in his mind and it’s hard to change his mind. This week we came into Duncan’s to look at a Lincoln MKX that my husband had seen on the internet. He really liked the car. When we arrived we were met by Steve Akers, who was wonderful from the start. He handled all my husband’s questions and even went to get the car, that was being driven by someone else. He stayed right with us and worked super hard to be sure that we could afford the car and the payments. He was just wonderful. Kind and understanding. Something you don’t find in a car lot too often. We would for sure buy from him again and we will tell our friends how nice he was. Needless to say he made the sell and we are the proud owners of the MKX. My husband left satisfied and we left making a new friend. Thank you Duncan for not being like all the others. Derhonda and Robert Pearce

Derhonda and Robert visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

Highly professional service

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate the highly professional service I received from you and your staff. You folks are true professionals and it is clear you take pride in your work and service. I especially appreciate your going out of your way to fix my trailer wiring. My CRV looks like new and I am very pleased. You do a great job and, although I hope I don’t need you in the future, I would not go anywhere else and will recommend your services to friends and relatives. Moreover, in the future the first car dealer I will go to will be Duncan. Thanks again.

Col (Ret) Craig E. visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

I bought a used vehicle

I bought a used vehicle from Spike Andrew. It was a most pleasurable experience even down to the young man who wrote up the sale. I don't recall his name. Both of them were professional yet we did a lot of kidding with each other. It was truly the best time I ever had buying a vehicle. The vehicle was just as advertised and a week alter I am still happy with the vehicle. No hidden surprises. I will check them out the next time I need a vehicle.

Rachel visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

2014 Fusion

I bought a 2014 Fusion and "bells and whistles"! After I sealed the envelope of my survey I saw another question that I did not answer on the bottom of the letter. It concerned how my sales rep treated me and his knowledge of the autos. Terrence was very professional, patient, and kind. He answered my questions and helped me understand the equipment and technology on both the Fusion and Mazda 6. After I bought the Fusion, he gave me a tutorial for the technology and invited me to call him for additional instruction. Yes, I will do that!!!

Kay visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

Thanks Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie for all you and your team at Duncan Collision have done to help keep our Caitlin Green and her Mazda Protege 5 on the road while she is away from home. Caitlin is certainly understanding the importance of building professional relationships and maintaining them. Today's car problem reinforced that. Thanks again for your professionalism and patience with our daughter.

Michael visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

Excellent service department

I am writing to commend your service department for the excellent service I received on my trip to a wedding at Virginia Tech. On June 20th as I got off of one the exits off of Interstate 81, the ABS and tire traction light came on. I drove to the hotel as it was late. The next morning I checked the manual which indicated that I needed immediate service. I called one Ford Dealership who told me they were sorry but they could not look at my car until Tuesday. I was scheduled to leave for Connecticut on Sunday. Then I called your dealership and found out that you were as busy as the other one; but because this was an emergency situation, your staff made the effort to get my car in the next day and had repaired it by noon the next day. Your staff was very polite and curious, explaining what had happened to the car. I could not have asked for better service. If there is an award for service, our service department deserves the highest award. Thank you for the fine, skilled, and caring service department.

Trish visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

Thanks again

Mr Brusseau, I would like to share a story and believe me, an experience involving your Ford Team in Christiansburg. and the outstanding service from all members. To start out with, I have just arrived from out of town, don't know a soul. It was early morning of February 19, snowing and temperature in the single digits,. I'm driving to my destination near Radford, when my Ford vehicle just shuts down. Stranded, in near zero weather. I didn't have a clue of who to call, except my hometown Ford dealership. They recommended me to contact Duncan. Being from out of town, I must admit I was hesitant. When I called, the call was transferred to the service dept, "Todd Montgomerey, Service Advisor, may I help you", came the answer on the other end of the phone. From that moment forward, I was treated with utmost sincerity I just don't believe most folks experience so much these days. Todd put me at total ease about the situation, telling me that a tow truck would soon be on its way and a technician would be ready to take a look and access the situation. The tow truck soon arrived, I apologize that I can't recall the drivers name, but, again, I was greeted with a sincerely interested Duncan Ford team member. It was evident that he was knowledgeable and proficient in the use of the tow truck, and care in getting my truck onto the roll back. Upon arrival to the dealership, I was greeted by Todd, he gave me a brief in how the process would unfold that cold morning. He took me into a courtesy waiting area, warm with hot coffee. During my short time in the waiting area, several patrons of Duncan came and went. The conversations were lively, and most importantly to me, I listened to comments about Duncan Ford and various comments about the service. It became quite apparent, that Duncan Ford and perhaps in particular the Service Dept, is highly regarded in that community. My truck was placed into the, now I know, confident hands of Mechanic Julien Perdue. Once the issues were accessed, Todd introduced me to Julien, in which he proceeded to brief me on the issues and his recommendations. Once again, complete confidence was instilled in me and the recommendations made. The repairs were made and I picked up my truck. Repairs were perfect, and this 6.0 runs as smooth as new. Mr Brusseau, I do want to thank your team, and the outstanding service and confidence that each member delivered. But mostly, I want to tell you, that I now consider Duncan Ford, a member of my extended FORD Team, and if I'm in this area again, I now know, " who to call". Thanks again, Dennis Hiatt

Professional car dealerships

We would like to express to you personally the experience we had with our recent purchase of a 2011 MKZ. The online posting is what drew us to your dealership. The two-hour drive from Honaker, Virginia thus far, has been well worth the trip. The salesperson, Mr. Terrence Monroe was very professional, polite, personable, and extremely helpful in setting up and explaining the nw technological items that come with the 2011 Lincoln. Items that the 2002 Lincoln LS we traded in, did not have. The second person I wish to speak to is Mr. Shawn Allen, the business manager, who in like manner was very personable, professional and informative. We were treated with respect and kindness, we were not pressured into anything, yet we were informed of all options available to us. This kind of service from your up-front personal is what makes dealing with a new dealership a pleasure, even if we are two hours away. It is with this type of professional car dealerships that erases the images of the car sales persons and financial personal of the notorious past. We wish to thank you as well as Mr. Allen and Mr. Monroe for making our trip a pleasant one.

J. Michael visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA


We were blessed to walk in that lot that day and get Ron Ginger as our salesperson. We had just left another dealership and was made to fee horrible about ourselves, but Ron got us in a brand new Ford Focus and gave us the chance for a new start. We will always be grateful to him and Duncan!!! I am telling everyone about our experience. Thank you!

Carl visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA

Thanks again on our buying experience.

Thanks again on our buying experience. We had been to some other dealerships over the past couple weeks and Duncan was the most pleasant experience we have had yet. Shawn and Steve were both very helpful. We were very excited about our purchase. Thanks again and hope to do business again in the future.

Derek and Rachel visited Duncan Ford Lincoln in Blacksburg, VA